Flash equipment

For all my photography work I use broncolor flash equipment.  After using several different brands for many years I found that only broncolor could really freeze the motion of materials and dancers in full flow.  I own and use the broncolor Scoro and Move power packs, but I have also used the new Siros monoblocs with great result in- and outdoors.  The broncolor Para light formers are unrivalled and deliver a light quality that is uniquely beautiful as well as extremely powerful.  The consistency in the colour temperature and power delivery are two other main reasons that I love working with broncolor gear. 

Continuous light

For making the motion shots of ballet and contemporary dancers I combine continuous light and flashlight.  For the continuous light I use the DayLED 1000 and 2000 Fresnel lamps manufactured by Lupolux.  These Fresnel’s have the distinct advantage that they are very consistent in colour temperature (5600° Kelvin) with a very high CRI (> 92).  This means that they are perfect in combination with my broncolor flash equipment.  These Lupolux DayLED 1000 lamps generate a similar light output as a 1000 Watt tungsten lamp, but unlike tungsten lamps these Lupolux lamps almost generate no heat and use only 110 Watts of power.

Camera and Lenses

For my entire career I have been using Canon cameras and lenses.  Today I use a Canon EOS 1Dx and a Canon EOS 5Ds.  Both of these cameras are my workhorses that have never let me down, a major reason for me using Canon for more than 30 years.  Also all my lenses are manufactured by Canon as well.  They have one of the largest range of lenses available that are all of superb quality.  As with the camera bodies all of the lenses I own have never let me down and performed perfectly in all circumstances.