Featured publications

Below you can find a selection of my work that has been published over the years.


Loge 10 Theatre Poductions

For the past decade I have made the production photos for the visuals of the theatre production company "Loge 10 Productions" here in Antwerp, Belgium.  These photos have been used for programs, billboards, flyers, newspaper articles and the like.  These shoots have always been very rewarding.  As a photographer working with the top Belgian theatre actors is just a joy. 

Have a look at the Loge 10 site for the productions that are playing now:


Photographic magazine "De Fotograaf"

In the photographic magazine "De Fotograaf" an article was published about my dance photography and nude photography work.  One of my motion dance photos made the cover of the magazine.


Book cover "Aron Wade Eerlijk met mezelf"

The collaboration with actor Aron Wade started after I photographed him for a Loge 10 production.  When Ria Maes collaborated with Aron to write a book about his depression I was asked by Aron to photograph the cover.  The idea for the photo was that he had recovered from his depression but that he would never be the same person as before.  I symbolised that by tearing the photo into pieces and sticking them back together with tape, thus reconstructing him but with the scars still visible.